Magdansöser -

With a famous father who has won 2 World Championships and 1 Olympic Championship in Wrestling I got to experience a lot of big events all around Turkey. I got to visit a numerous amount of big and renowned Gazinons(a sort of oriental fashioned music show). Thick carpets in different colours with beautiful patterns, water pipes, oriental teapots, pictures and paintings of sultans and dark, curvy bellydancers. Here I got to experience big and first-class performances by famous dancers. I remember one in particular where I felt mezmerized in front of the large, magnificent and colourful stage, where the orchestra played beautiful oriental music. Later in the show there were folk dances from different parts of Turkey. Different singers that came took turns at singing in front of a crowd that was singing along and clapping their hands. To show their appreciation of the act they threw roses up on the stage. After the singing stopped and they moved off of the stage the suspense got strong. In came a bellydancer playing with silver finger cymbals. She was swept in under a beautiful veil. Underneath the veil a handmade bellydancing-dress with many, many pearls and spangles, shimmering rocks that looked like diamons, rubys and sapphires. Her make-up was very intense with a dark eyeliner and a colourful eyeshadow. Her lips where red-ish to go with her nail polish. She took control of the stage and twirled around it. Her hair was swirling around her head and a sweet feminine scent of perfume spread across the room. The dancer started of with soft classical moves and then she started to do floor work dancing. She then moved on to a drum solo where the tempo got faster and her hips were moving faster, her belly rolls were more aggressive. At the end of her performance she put her hands together and snapped her fingers with a certain technique that made the snapping sound go through the loud orchestras music and out to the audience. Her belly was still moving up and down and her legs were still performing the dance steps.

Suzan wrote this text in 1985 as a school assignment to describe an experience that she enjoyed.